Our story

Jo Shop introduces a unique Jordanian experience through a brand that reflects the diversity of the Kingdom, and the creativity of its people. The special shopping experience adds modern appeal to proud heritage, where you’ll find quality original products made by various local communities, giving Jordanians from different backgrounds an equal opportunity to sell the best of Jordan’s creations locally, regionally and internationally.


With every purchase you make at JO SHOP you are supporting the journeys of Jordanian vendors, suppliers, artisans, farmers, designers and so many more...from local communities who rely on their craft for a living. Each product has a story to tell and every story is inspired by its maker. This initiative under King Abdullah II Fund for Development exists to establish and enable an environment that is capable of positively and sustainably impacting the lives of the most underprivileged segments of Jordanians within our local communities. JO SHOP carries a large range of product categories and extends itself to being a platform to all suppliers who are ready to grow their businesses.

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